Our Cheeses

cheddar helga

The Cheese Maker with a wheel of cheddar

Sweet Swiss

Silky and strong, just like our cheesemaker. Lorraine style texture and a pronounced Swiss flavor, Boss Mouse Sweet Swiss is our best selling cheese. Produced in 20 pound wheels and aged for 4 months.

Clothbound Cheddar

The British classic, bound tightly in cheesecloth as it naps for at least a year in the cave. Clothbound cheddar has a dry texture and strong, salty paste.


An alpine style Italian recipe with a Boss Mouse twist. The base cheese is mild and creamy, to which we add a variety of herbs, spices and creative additions depending on the season, holiday, or whim: green peppercorn, za’atar, corriander seed, herbs d’provence, or hot peppers with dried cherries, to name a few. We do several varieties per month, so the selection is always changing.